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Neda Heals is a private healing practice owned and operated by Neda Dardashti, who is also know as the creator of Tara’s Garden, a brand of energetic tools for growth.  


Neda Dardashti is the owner and creator of Neda Heals and Tara’s Garden.  She is a healer and teacher who empowers others to live a balanced and vibrant life. Her 25 plus years as a practitioner in the healing arts is based upon her continued study of Energy Healing and Shamanic Traditions.  She specializes in energy based modalities such as Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and Flower Essence Therapy.  Neda has extensive experience working with Nature Intelligence (i.e. Nature Spirits), Ascended Masters or Spiritual Guides, Mediumship, Shamanic Dreaming (i.e. Astral Travel), Psychic Healing, and Guidance.  Her knowledge, compassion, and ability provide safety are deep and create change in an easy way.  The work done in each healing session is unique, always led by the client and done in the spirit of partnership. She is committed to the autonomy & cultivation of each person's innate wisdom & ability to heal.


Neda’s intention is to empower people, to manifest their dreams, and to live in the expression of beauty, grace, and freedom. To that end, she teaches her clients how to work deliberately with the energy and consciousness that resides within and around each individual to create personal success.


Her greatest gift is her ability to open the energetic flow in people’s lives to cultivate their expanding awareness.  Neda’s clients are profoundly and positively changed after a single session with her.  Check out the testimonials page to learn more!

Neda Heals 310-658-9577, 1840 S. Elena Ave, Suite 203 Redondo Beach CA 90277

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